Vegan Recipes

This page is dedicated to my vegan friends and Peruvian food lovers who enjoy a vegan life style. Below are two lists, dishes that are already vegan and dishes that can easily be made vegan friendly. I’ve enjoyed cooking all of these dishes, for or with vegan friends, and I welcome your comments and suggestions. Simply click on a recipe, and submit your feedback in the comment form below the recipe. And don’t forget that most of the Pisco cocktails I make are also vegan friendly, salud!

These dishes contain corn, sugar, vinegar, quinoa, olive oil, rice, beans, tomatoes, and of course, Peruvian hot peppers.

The Frejol Colado black bean pudding is made with milk, but I’ve substituted almond milk with great results. The Peruvian bread pudding can be made vegan friendly by using a vegan bread to make the croutons. The raw sugar cane syrup used in the bread pudding is 100% vegan.