I take photographs to capture an ephemeral moment. Whether it’s a dish that has just been plated, or a drink that has just been poured, each photograph tells a story. And I want each story to pull you in, to make you want to take a bite, to make you want to take a sip.

Kaiseki Criollo, Spring 2016

Kaiseki Criollo, Spring 2016

I shoot all of the food and cocktail photos for my blog, most recently with a Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera and a small tripod. For social media, I sometimes rely on the spontaneity of my iPhone 7. The talented Aondrea Maynard took my portrait where I am raising a glass of a Negroni Andino made with Pisco.

Through patience and practice, shooting photos for Pisco Trail has helped me grow as a photographer and develop my palette and style. But every time I photograph a dish or cocktail, I always learn something new. I share some of that knowledge on this post: 10 Tips for Cocktail Photography.

The glassware for many of my cocktail photographs came from Umami Mart, and recent food photos feature plates and bowls from Heath Ceramics. Having different vessels for drinks and colors for plates has added another dimension to the photographs.

Though I feel color is important in food and cocktail photography, one of my heroes only shot photos in black and white — Martin Chambi, a Peruvian photographer who beautifully documented the landscape and people of the Andes, specially in Cusco during the mid 1900’s.

All images are Copyright Pisco Trail. If you are inspired to use any of my photos for an article or recipe, please contact me for permission.