#LinkInBio: here’s a collection of links I posted on Instagram @piscotrail.

Sara Van singing Cardo ó Ceniza Sara Van
Sara Van singing Cardo ó Ceniza.
Novalima singing Camote Novalima
Novalima singing Camote.
Inti-Illamani singing Tú No Te Irás Inti-Illamani
Inti-Illamani singing Tú No Te Irás.
Calle 13 singing Latinoamérica Calle 13
Calle 13 singing Latinoamérica.
Susana Baca singing Negra Presuontosa Susana Baca
Susana Baca singing Negra Presuontosa.
Heart Retablo Corazón Criollo
Join me on a vegan journey and discover the heart of Peru’s creole cuisine.
Ceviche Trio at Green Point in Cusco Vegano Latino
I reflect on what it means to be Latino and vegan. Could I give up the comfort food of my youth, or would I loose part of my identity?
Nico Cooking at Farm Dinner A Year of Living La Vida Vegan
I am learning to be a chef again. But more than that, I have embraced a vegan lifestyle and am happy to be living la vida vegan
Eat & Run by Scott Jurek How I Became Vegan
A year ago, I did something that I never thought possible: I transitioned to a plant-based diet.