About Me

I love to cook, play world rhythms on my hand drums, dance to Latin music, run on mountain trails, travel afar, and share adventures with my fiancée Alec and our daughter Rio.

Cooking traditional Peruvian food with Mom inspired me to become a chef. Between 2011-2018, I taught at a community cooking school in San Francisco, designed a masterclass on food of the Andes, and cooked pop-up dinners in New Orleans.

Music nourishes me and brings me joy. Whether I am jamming with a Flamenco or Gypsy Jazz band on my hand drums, or Salsa dancing the night away, infusing my body and soul with music is a rhythmic celebration of life.

Running is a moving meditation that connects me with Pachamama (Mother Earth). For over two decades I’ve competed in long-distance mountain races, including the Inca Trail Marathon, Leadville Marathon, Tahoe Rim Trail 50 Mile, and Miwok 100K.

Traveling as a vegan couple is an adventure. Together, we’ve enjoyed exploring the vegan food scene in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Lima, Cusco, Paris, and Copenhagen, creating memories along the way and learning about other cultures.