Vegan Chef

As a vegan Peruvian chef, I cook dishes inspired by Peru’s Andean, Spanish, African, Chinese, and Japanese culinary cultures. My mission is to make Peru’s traditional food accessible to vegan home cooks. And as a former omnivore who grew up with Peruvian cuisine, I have an advantage: I know what the original dishes taste like. Currently, I am developing plant-based recipes for my vegan Peruvian cookbook. I’ve also developed vegan recipes for print and digital publications, an e-book, and a cookbook.

Print and Digital Publications: Vegan Recipes

E-Book: Vegan Recipe

The London-based editors of the Plant Based Planet curated recipes by 150 contributors representing 110 countries, and they invited me to submit a recipe from Peru. My contribution is an Andean dessert—a cinnamon-spiced quinoa oat milk pudding.

Cookbook: Vegan Recipes

Joe Yonan, plant-based author and Washington Post food editor, invited me to develop some Peruvian-themed recipes for his next cookbook, Mastering The Art of Plant-Based Cooking. Ten Speed Press is the publisher and the cookbook will include 300 recipes with contributions by several recipe developers.