Vegan Chef

As a vegan Peruvian chef, I cook dishes inspired by Peru’s multicultural heritage: a 500-year fusion of Inca, Spanish, African, Chinese, and Japanese culinary cultures. My mission is to make Peru’s traditional food accessible to vegan home cooks.

Veganizing Peruvian Cuisine

I learned to cook traditional Peruvian food from my mom at an early age, and as a former omnivore I am intimately familiar with the flavors and ingredients of the original dishes. Here’s how I veganized three traditional dishes:

Roasted Beet Heart Kebabs

Anticuchos—skewered beef heart kebabs—are Lima’s quintessential street food. My vegan version uses beets and a spicy aji panca with vinegar marinade that gives this dish its distinctive aroma and taste. Roasting the beets results in a charred and tender texture. To pay homage to the original, skewer the beets before serving.

Baked Peppers Stuffed with Vegan Ground Beef

Rocoto Relleno is a dish from Arequipa in Peru’s Andes mountains. It’s a spicy pepper, stuffed with ground beef, topped with cheese, then baked. To make it accessible, I use red bell peppers. For the stuffing, I sautéed onions with aji amarillo and vegan ground beef, then added currants. Shredded vegan cheese (that melts) completes the dish.

Jerky and Mint Potato Stew

Did you know that potatoes are from Peru? And so is the origin of the word jerky—it comes from the Quechua charqui which means dried meat. This stew uses jerky made from textured vegetable protein and yellow potatoes. Spiced with aji amarillo and garnished with mint, it’s reminiscent of stews cooked by descendants of the Incas.