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Peruvian Tasting at 18 Reasons

Peruvian Tasting at 18 Reasons, The Mission, San Francisco

Peruvian Tasting at 18 Reasons, The Mission, San Francisco

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of cooking some of my favorite dishes at the first Peruvian Tasting Night at 18 Reasons for a gastronomical tour of Peruvian cuisine. I was thrilled that the event sold out weeks in advance, and it was a wonderful opportunity to prepare some of the recipes from Pisco Trail for an audience excited to learn more about Peru and the cultures from all over the world that have influenced its cuisine.
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Squid stuffed with Tacu Tacu

Squid, Meet Tacu Tacu

Since this week I have been experimenting with Tacu Tacu, and last week I learned how to clean and stuff a squid, last night I decided to introduce the squid to the Tacu Tacu — “hello squid, prepare to be stuffed by the spiciest rice and beans you have ever met.” The inspiration was a recipe I discovered in one… Read more →

The Tacu Tacu Experiment

Many of the recipes I have posted here come from some of my favorite Peruvian cookbooks, however, I always give them my own personal touch. For example, I decide on different amounts of spices based on my preference, and sometimes I add or substitute for local ingredients. But regardless of the recipe, I won’t post it until I am happy… Read more →