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Mazamorra Morada

Mazamorra Morada (Purple Corn Pudding)

The second recipe to use the chicha morada base, is a mazamorra morada or purple corn pudding. The pudding is similar in flavor to the chicha morada drink, but with some dried prunes, a creamy consistency, and a sprinkle of cinnamon, there is no mistake that this is a dessert. And as you know, desserts are like medicine to me. Read more →

Chicha Morada Drink

Chicha Morada Drink (Purple Corn Drink)

The first recipe to use the chicha morada base, is a chicha morada or purple corn drink. In the Andes of Peru, chicha is sometimes fermented to make an alcoholic beverage but this version does not contain any alcohol. Instead, it can be made on the spot and served as a refreshment. As long as you’ve made the base ahead… Read more →

Peruvian Pickled Onion

Peruvian Pickled Onions (Salsa Criolla)

Salsa Criolla has two of my favorite words: salsa and criolla. Salsa of course can refer to the music and dance from the Caribbean, but here it refers to the sauce or spice that adds a special touch to any dish. And criolla or creole refers to the influence of Afro-Peruvian culture in Peruvian cuisine. Not surprisingly, you may be… Read more →

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa Tabbouleh

One of my favorite food projects is to “Peruvianize” a dish, that is, take an existing dish and change some of its ingredients to give it a uniquely Peruvian touch. For example, start with a traditional flan, but add quinoa and create the Crema Volteada. Or use quinoa to cook a Quinua con Leche instead of the traditional rice pudding.… Read more →

Peruvian Raw Sugar Syrup

Peruvian Raw Sugar Syrup

Have you really tasted sugar? I am not talking about the white, granulated, refined, and processed sugar that comes in little packs. But rather the raw, unrefined, whole cane sugar that comes in hard blocks whose dark brown features hint at exotic origins and intense flavors. Let me show you how to taste the terroir hidden inside these hard blocks… Read more →