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Quinua Atamalada (Peruvian Quinoa Stew)

Creamy, warm, and a little spicy this Peruvian quinoa stew made with the Inca “Mother grain” is the first dish in the Pisco Trail Peruvian vegan dishes series. Presenting, the Quinoa Atamalada. The star of the show is of course the quinoa, but playing a strong supporting role is the incredibly versatile aji amarillo. Read more →

A Vegan Peruvian Tasting Menu

If you tell a Peruvian cook that you don’t eat meat, they’ll probably say something like, “No problem, I’ll prepare a seafood ceviche!” — but here in California, I have come to understand that not eating meat means no beef, no fish, no poultry, and for those who are vegan, no dairy. So when I recently had the opportunity to… Read more →



Gazpacho is my favorite Summer soup, and I had the pleasure of making some over the weekend to celebrate the warm weather in San Francisco with friends. After all, it’s only October and tomatoes are in season all month long. If you’ve never made gazpacho before, this simple recipe is a wonderful introduction to the flavors of Spain — and… Read more →