Cocktails 101: Pisco Tres Amigos

This Pisco cocktail pays homage to Peru, Spain, and the grape. The grape that arrived from Spain to the Ica Valley of Peru 400 years ago, where Pisco was born. The grape that in Spain is used to make Sherry, wine, and Cava. And in the Tres Amigos, three versions of the grape play beautifully — Pisco, Cava, and raw… Read more →

Cocktails 101: Prickly Pear Pisco

After a conversation about Pisco cocktails with a friend who recently celebrated her birthday, I was inspired to make a new Pisco cocktail and name it after her. The possible permutations and combinations for a cocktail are of course endless. And that’s what makes mixology so fascinating. But my style is to make recipes accessible and to focus on simple… Read more →

Cocktails 101: Pisco + Chocolate = Piscolate

At last week’s Pisco Cocktails class, we infused Pisco with coffee beans, and since the infusion needs to rest for about a week, it was ready just in time for National Coffee Day yesterday. But all of last week, I was also working on another top-secret infusion — pisco with chocolate. Here’s how you can make a chocolate lover’s Pisco… Read more →

Cocktails 101: Strawberry Pisco Forever

Strawberries are in season now (yes!), so it’s the right time to make this Strawberry Sour cocktail that is fruity, sweet, light, and bright — perfect for a summer day. And since one of my goals this summer is to explore local farmer’s markets, today I picked up some beautiful strawberries from the Mission Community Market. The inspiration for this… Read more →