On a Secret Mission: Peruvian Lomo Saltado in SF

Over the past couple of months, I have been on a secret mission to taste, photograph, and take notes on how six different restaurants in San Francisco prepare one of my favorite Peruvian dishes — Lomo Saltado, a beef stir fry that is a great example of the wonderful fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cuisines. You should know that I… Read more →

A Tour of Tartine Bakery

It has been called the best bakery in the United States, and if you pass by the corner of 18th and Guerrero in San Francisco, you’ll likely see a line out the door — specially around 5 PM when their famous Tartine Country bread comes out of the oven. Recently, I was fortunate enough to get a personal behind the… Read more →

Dinner at Chez Panisse

When I moved to the Bay Area a decade ago, I was a recent college graduate and I lived in the Berkeley Hills just a few blocks from the famous Gourmet Ghetto. I used to get lunch at the Cheese Board Pizza, and my afternoon cafe con leche at the original Peet’s Coffee, but whenever I walked past the wood… Read more →

Deep Fried Challenged

I’d like to think that I can cook almost any Peruvian dish, specially ones that truly inspire me or make me salivate at the mere thought of eating them. But I recently realized that I am deep fried challenged, that is, I can’t bring myself to deep fry anything. Read more →

Peruvian Cuisine is the Future of Gastronomy

Peruvians are very proud and extremely passionate about their food and cooking or writing about it is one way to share that passion with others. But more and more, I am noticing that Peruvian cuisine is gaining world wide notoriety, and that of course makes me very happy. These recent news items show that 2011 is starting with a bang… Read more →