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Pisco Cocktails Class at 18 Reasons

At the 18 Reasons Pisco Cocktails class, 16 Pisco-loving students spent the evening making simple syrup, cracking eggs, crushing strawberries, squeezing limes, and cracking coffee beans to make 4 different cocktails and a special take-home infusion. But we also talked about the history of Pisco, its origins in the Ica Valley of Peru, its journey from Peru to San Francisco,… Read more →

Peruvian Tasting at 18 Reasons

Peruvian Tasting at 18 Reasons, The Mission, San Francisco

Peruvian Tasting at 18 Reasons, The Mission, San Francisco

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of cooking some of my favorite dishes at the first Peruvian Tasting Night at 18 Reasons for a gastronomical tour of Peruvian cuisine. I was thrilled that the event sold out weeks in advance, and it was a wonderful opportunity to prepare some of the recipes from Pisco Trail for an audience excited to learn more about Peru and the cultures from all over the world that have influenced its cuisine.
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Succulent Sustainable Squid

Once in a while, I attend an event or meet a Chef that inspires me to learn something new — and that once in a while happened last Sunday. The event was a cooking demonstration on sustainable seafood at 18 Reasons, and the Chef was Becky Selengut. In just a couple of hours, she showed us how to prepare 3… Read more →