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Cooking Class: Part 3

In the third and final class of Anthony Bourdain’s Basic Techniques, we used the fish stock we prepared last week to cook a fish soup while the other students prepared a protein feast of steak, roast chicken, and beef bourguignon. As before, the class was divided in two halves. In the first half, we used our knife skills to dice,… Read more →

Cooking Class: Part 2

In the second week of cooking class, I learned the secret ingredient that makes everything taste great—butter. Yes, butter. And lots of it. Despite feeling my cholesterol level rise and having my cooking instincts challenged, I followed the Chef’s instructions to a tee. After all, you have to live and cook dangerously once in a while. Read more →

Cooking Class: Part 1

Last week, I did something I had never done before—I attended a cooking class. Despite all my experience in the kitchen, and all the cooking lessons from my mom, I have always been curious about what I might learn from a formal cooking class lead by a professional chef. Knowing that I am independent and stubborn made me hesitant to… Read more →