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Pisco Cocktails Class at 18 Reasons

At the 18 Reasons Pisco Cocktails class, 16 Pisco-loving students spent the evening making simple syrup, cracking eggs, crushing strawberries, squeezing limes, and cracking coffee beans to make 4 different cocktails and a special take-home infusion. But we also talked about the history of Pisco, its origins in the Ica Valley of Peru, its journey from Peru to San Francisco,… Read more →

Four Barrel Coffee: From Kenya, with Love

Last week I got a fascinating in-depth look at the story behind Kenyan coffee, all from the perspective of one of my favorite local roasters, Four Barrel Coffee. Organized by 18 Reasons and lead by Four Barrel’s own Jeremy Tooker, everyone at the event enjoyed a slide-show tour that took us on a journey — from the farms where the… Read more →

18 Reasons to Love Coffee

In my earliest childhood memories, there was always cafe con leche in the mornings and today that first sip of coffee always makes me smile. But despite enjoying 3-4 cups a day, one of my goals this year is to drink more coffee. What I really mean is that I want to learn more about coffee and attending the coffee… Read more →