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The Runner, the Writer, and the Chef

I spend much of my time cooking, eating or planning meals and I enjoy sharing those experiences by writing about them on this blog. But to keep it all in balance, clear my head, and stay healthy, I run. This post is about three of my heroes — a Runner, a Writer, and a Chef— who have helped make me… Read more →

Anticuchos de Carne

My mom once served beef heart anticuchos to our unsuspecting dinner guests who were smiling and savoring the Peruvian kebob appetizer for the first time. Their smiles, however, quickly faded when she innocently and proudly asked “Do you know what you are eating?” Read more →

Pondering Paris

My grandfather died before he ever got to see Paris, but he spoke in awe of La Ciudad de las Luces — The City of Lights — as it if were a place from a magical realism novel by Mario Vargas Llosa. Lately, I have been thinking about Paris too, specially as it relates to food and it’s connection to… Read more →

Ceviche de Pescado

Since Winter in San Francisco is feeling more like Summer, I was inspired to cook ceviche for lunch today. There are many ceviche variations, but this recipe is one of the simplest ways to combine protein with refreshing citrus and spicy aji. If this is your first time making ceviche, this recipe is for you. Read more →