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Merenguitos (Little Meringue Cookies)

Ever since I made the sweet and light as a sigh Suspiro Limeño, I have been obsessed with how to make the perfect meringue. This obsession lead to lots of reading, many practice sessions and frequent trips to my favorite kitchen supply store to get piping bags, tips, and bowls. One of the results of these practice sessions is these… Read more →

Suspiro Limeño

Suspiro Limeño

The Suspiro Limeño is a creamy dulce de leche custard topped with a meringue cloud, that according to a Peruvian poet is as sweet and light as a woman’s sigh. It originated in Lima, the City of Kings, and was first known as the “Royal Delight of Peru” — here is how you can make this 200 year old dessert… Read more →