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Ceviche Nikkei

Ceviche Nikkei

I recently had the pleasure of demoing how to prepare ceviche to a group of foodie friends, and for many it would be their first taste of this dish, so I wanted to make a delicious impression. The recipe I chose was simple and focused on light, spicy and refreshing ingredients inspired by the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines… Read more →

National Day of Ceviche

If you were to ask someone from Peru to name their favorite dish, odds are that they’ll emphatically answer “Ceviche!” — so it’s no surprise that this popular dish that has been around for over 500 years has a National Day of Ceviche in its honor. That day happens to be June 28th and by a delightful coincidence I was… Read more →

Squid stuffed with Tacu Tacu

Squid, Meet Tacu Tacu

Since this week I have been experimenting with Tacu Tacu, and last week I learned how to clean and stuff a squid, last night I decided to introduce the squid to the Tacu Tacu — “hello squid, prepare to be stuffed by the spiciest rice and beans you have ever met.” The inspiration was a recipe I discovered in one… Read more →