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Squid Ceviche

Squid Ceviche

Purists will tell you that only 5 ingredients are used in making a ceviche: fish, salt, hot peppers, onions, and lime juice. But what if you want to use squid instead of a firm flesh white fish? How do you cook the squid? And how do you make the leche de tigre sauce? The secret is to cook the squid… Read more →

Squid stuffed with Tacu Tacu

Squid, Meet Tacu Tacu

Since this week I have been experimenting with Tacu Tacu, and last week I learned how to clean and stuff a squid, last night I decided to introduce the squid to the Tacu Tacu — “hello squid, prepare to be stuffed by the spiciest rice and beans you have ever met.” The inspiration was a recipe I discovered in one… Read more →