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Escabeche de Pescado (Peruvian Pickled Fish)

Escabeche de Pescado

Escabeche de Pescado

Todo es escabechable

Everything can be made into escabeche. Fish? Escabechable. Chicken? Escabechable. Meat? Escabechable. You are vegetarian? No problem, your favorite vegetables are all escabechable. Todo es escabechable — everything can be made into escabeche, and here’s what you need to get your escabeche on.
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Postres de Teresa Izquierdo

Teresa Izquierdo

Last month, before Peruvian independence day, Teresa Izquierdo passed away, and an entire country mourned the loss of one of its greatest and humblest cooks. Though I never had the opportunity to meet Teresa, her cooking has made a wonderful impression on me. And I feel that I’ve gotten to learn a little bit about her magic by recreating the… Read more →

Frejol Colado, Peruvian Black Bean Pudding

Frejol Colado (Peruvian Black Bean Pudding)

This traditional Afro-Peruvian dessert was first prepared over 400 years ago, and though it’s similar to a pudding, the combination of black beans with milk, sugar, and spices, make this dish uniquely Peruvian. Inspired by the origins of this dessert, I enjoyed using tools such as a mortar and pestle or a strainer — and I learned that simple ingredients… Read more →

Peruvian Crema Volteada with Quinoa

Crema Volteada con Quinua (Caramel Custard)

Enjoyed all over the world, caramel custard has many delicious variations — from the crème caramel or flan topped with soft caramel, to the crème brûleè or crema catalana topped with hard caramel. But this Peruvian crema volteada, like all Peruvian desserts, has a special touch. And its unique ingredient is quinoa, or kinwa in Quechua, which originated in Peru… Read more →

Rosquitas con Cafe

Rosquitas (Peruvian Pastry with Anise and Sesame)

Somewhere between a bread stick and pie crust but infused with the sweet flavor of anise, this ring shaped and braided Peruvian pastry is perfect with cafe con leche. Fresh from my first bread baking adventure a few months ago, I felt confident I could make these little Rosquitas using a recipe from the Larousse de los Postres Peruanos. But… Read more →