The Power of Pizza

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita from Delfina Pizza in The Mission.

In addition to writing about food, drinks, and stories here on Pisco Trail, I also write about running on Chasqui Runner. And whenever I go for a trail run, I am always thinking of where to eat when I am done. This story is about the day when my running and food universes collided in a powerful fashion.

Two years ago, I was running a tough 100 Km trail race and was borderline hypothermic due to the extreme weather conditions in the Marin Headlands. I had already ran 50 miles but had 12 miles to go with very little energy left. I needed something warm quickly if I was going to have any hope of crossing the finish line.

That was when I saw the pizza box. It was for the volunteers who had been standing in the rain all day supporting the runners. But they were kind enough to give me a slice, and words cannot possibly describe how good it felt to eat it. The warm crust and melted cheese brought me back to life and 12 miles later I was able to finish the race.

Now, I don’t wait to be borderline hypothermic before having a pizza. Instead, eating a whole pizza has become my pre-race tradition. The night before a race, I stop by Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission, and I get a Pizza Margherita to go. The next morning I toe the line, feeling I can do anything thanks to the Power of Pizza.