Pisco Sour for Xmas

Pisco Sour with Xmas Snowflake

Pisco Sour with Xmas Snowflake

Inspired by the holiday season, I was recently determined to pair my creativity with Pisco in a little angostura art mixology project. In my mind’s eye, I had a picture of what I wanted to create, all I needed was a few tools. So I made a quick trip to my local art store to pick up an x-acto knife, a cutting board, and a small atomizer bottle.

A souvenir coaster from Brad Parsons’ talk at Omnivore Books turned out to be the ideal stencil. It was the right size to fit over my favorite cocktail glass, and it had the word “Bitters” stamped on one side. Now, to daw a picture of a snowflake on it, and use my brand new x-acto knife to carefully cut out the shape.

After pouring some Angostura bitters into the atomizer bottle, I made a Pisco Sour with an extra thick foam and served it in a cocktail glass. With the stencil over the glass, I sprayed the Angostura bitters over the foam, then removed the stencil and garnished the Pisco Sour with a few drops of Peychaud’s bitters for added color.

They say that no two snowflakes are alike, and the result was a one-of-a-kind Pisco Sour with an Angostura art bitters snowflake that was beautiful and deliciously aromatic — perfect for the holiday season. ¡Salud y Feliz Navidad!