Pisco Trail on the Road

Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour

If you follow Pisco Trail, you may have noticed that there have been very few posts on Pisco Trail over the past few weeks. No recipes. No cocktails. No pop-ups. What is going on? Nothing to be worried about dear reader, aficionado of Peruvian food, and imbiber of Pisco. Quite simply, it’s because Pisco Trail has been on the road.

The end of June was spent in the mountains of Leadville, CO, on a trail running vacation of sorts. If you can call running at 13,000 ft. elevation a vacation. Unable to completely escape my passion for distilled spirits, I became a regular at Two Guns Distillery in between training sessions, and sampled just about all their whiskey and moonshine cocktails while I was there.

July was all about my love affair with New Orleans, and I returned to one of my favorite cities for Pisco Trail’s annual Peruvian pop-up dinner at Carmo. Bringing Peruvian food and Pisco cocktails to a city so rich with culinary history is a pleasure that is truly beyond words. So, I had to let my dishes speak for themselves in my first TV show cooking demo in NOLA.

August found me back in Leadville, this time to support friends who were participating in a grueling race series in the mountains. And having been nominated the chef of the house, it was a pleasure to cook simple meals that would keep them nourished for the physical challenges they faced. Of course, any chance I had, I showed up at Two Guns for some whiskey soup.

Now it’s September, and I am getting ready for the next part of Pisco Trail on the road: a trip to Peru. To taste. To drink. And to seek inspiration for future projects. So if you don’t hear from me for another few weeks, don’t worry, I am having a good time in Peru, exploring all the paths that make up the Pisco Trail.