IFBC 2013 Seattle: Part 3

Pisco Trail on Pinterest

Pisco Trail on Pinterest

One of the many reasons I enjoy attending IFBC is that I always leave inspired to try something new. And after this years sessions I am committing to working on 3 new things for Pisco Trail over the next 12 months:

  1. make cocktail videos
  2. write about popular trends
  3. explore analytics to understand traffic

The overall goal at the end of the 12 months? To increase the traffic to Pisco Trail, increase the number of followers on Twitter, and increase the number of fans on Facebook. Simple, right?

Now, I’ve posted videos on Pisco Trail before. Two which illustrate the preparation of traditional Peruvian desserts. And though these are not live videos, but a sequence of still photos, I zoomed and panned, and added music to give the videos a dynamic feeling, and to tell a story, all in about 1 minute.

My new goal is this: to have someone film me making a Pisco cocktail or two, and to then post the videos on Pisco Trail.

When the year started, I posted on Pisco Trail’s Facebook page that 2013 is the International Year of the Quinoa, but I only have 4 recipes that use quinoa:

So since quinoa is a popular trend, my goal before the end of the year is to make at least 2 more recipes that use quinoa, and 1 of them will be a Pisco cocktail. Yes, a Pisco cocktail.

My final goal, is to explore and better understand Pisco Trail’s site analytics and traffic. For example, though I use Facebook and Twitter, I don’t use Pinterest. So imagine my surprise when I checked Pisco Trail’s site analytics and discovered that a significant amount of traffic came from Pinterest. In other words, many people are finding my food photos interesting enough to pin, and many others are clicking on those pins and landing on Pisco Trail. This is a sample of those pins (you need to be logged in to Pinterest to view the pins):

Thanks to IFBC I now have: Three goals. One year. The timer starts. Now.

At this year’s IFBC, food bloggers were offered a discount in exchange for writing 3 posts about the conference. These posts and the content are of my own choosing, and I am grateful to IFBC for making it possible to attend the conference.