NOMADgardens: An Urban Oasis in SF

NOMADgardens Launch in Mission Bay

NOMADgardens Launch in Mission Bay

Last Saturday, I woke up excited for the day’s pop-up. No, I wasn’t cooking dinner at 18 Reasons, for a change, I was attending an event that had been in the making for over 3 years — the opening of NOMADgardens in Mission Bay. Why was I excited? Simple, as a cook, I have a profound appreciation for farmers, for those who cultivate land, grow crops, and care for animals that all become part of our meals. Here, in San Francisco, one group was creating a garden for people to grow their own food, that would also be a space for building community through events and workshops — a real urban oasis.

I first heard about the idea of NOMADgardens during an event at The HUB, where the founder told me about her idea of a roaming garden. Around that time, I was planning some of my first Pisco Trail pop-ups, so I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a garden that could also pop-up anywhere. So, over the next few years, I followed NOMADgardens on social media, and rejoiced at their steady progress, planning, fundraising, and building. Not only building the physical space, but building partnerships with local organizations, and building a strong community of volunteers and gardeners.

Now that NOMADgardens has launched, I am reminded of a line from the film Field of Dreams — build it, and they will come. With love, dedication, and sweat, the urban oasis has been built. Now it’s up to us to make this oasis blossom. If you are interested in becoming a gardener, the beginning of Spring is the perfect time to get started. I invite you to contact my friends at NOMADgardens, sign up for a plot, and experience the farm to table movement from your own community garden. Rumor has it, that Pisco Trail might even pop-up at this pop-up, and wouldn’t you want to be there when that happens?

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