Peruvian Street Food Class at 18 Reasons

Peruvian Street Food Class at 18 Reasons

Peruvian Street Food Class at 18 Reasons

Since the time of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru in the 1600’s, vendors have been preparing and selling food all over the streets of Lima — from colorful fruit drinks, to fire grilled smoky kebobs, creamy salads, savory meat sandwiches, and sweet delicacies, the streets of Lima were always filled with a unique fusion of cultures, spices, and aromas all morning, day, and night.

In this hands-on class, you will use different cooking techniques to prepare some of the most popular street food from Peru. The first part of the class will be spent in the 18 Reasons kitchen, where you will work in groups to cook an appetizer, salad, and sandwich. Afterwards, you will enjoy a sit-down dinner with beer and wine, and share the dishes you prepared in the kitchen.

Recipes for Peruvian Street Food Class on October 12, 2015

Chicha Morada — purple corn and critrus drink popular in the Andes and now the streets of Lima

Anticuchos de Camarones — shrimp kebob appetizer marinated in an aji panca and vinager sauce, a seafood version of the quintessential Lima street food, served with chimichurri sauce

Papa a la Huancaina — cooked potatoes and greens salad with an aji amarillo and cheese sauce, garnished with hard boiled eggs, olives, and parsley

Salsa Criolla — red onions pickled in vinegar and lime juice

Pan con Chicharron — braised pork sandwich with sweet potato and salsa criolla, typically served for breakfast and also perfect for on the go

Mazamorra Morada — purple corn dessert pudding, warm, creamy, sweet, and topped with a cinnamon dust

This class is taught by Nico, Peruvian chef, Pisco mixologist, and founder of Pisco Trail. Born in Peru and based in San Francisco, CA, Nico has enjoyed Peruvian street food all his life and is thrilled to share some of his favorite dishes with you in this class. Visit for recipes, cocktails, and a calendar of upcoming pop-up dinners and classes.