Peru’s Goddesses of Food

Teresa Izquierdo 2013 Award (Photo credit: Mistura and APEGA)

Teresa Izquierdo 2013 Award (Photo credit: APEGA – Mistura)

If you follow news in the food world, then you are likely up to date on all the controversy surrounding the recent article by Time on the “Gods of Food” — it published a list of people recognized for their influence on food today, and of all the chefs who made the list, not a single one was female. To make matters worse, the editor tried to explain the reasoning behind this in an interview with Eater. In response, Grub Street came up with their “Goddesses of Food” list, 10 world class chefs who are women, and the LA Times wrote a piece on California’s female chefs. All this made me reflect on the role of women in Peruvian cuisine. Does Peru have it’s own Goddesses of Food? And if so, who are they?
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McDonalds Potato Advertisement

McDonalds Perfects the Potato, Not

On a billboard strategically placed to be seen by millions of SF Giants fans, a new McDonalds advertisement claims that in their French fries, the potato has been perfected. It hasn’t been just improved, or made to taste better. It has been perfected. I disagree with their claim and find the advertisement to be offensive and misleading in a beautiful… Read more →