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Encanto Pisco Cocktails at Spoonbar

Encanto Pisco Competition at Spoonbar

The three of us had been enjoying Pisco cocktails, writing down notes, and taking pictures for almost three hours. And with 7 cocktails down, there was 1 more to go in the competition until we could compare notes and tally up the score. But to our surprise the last contestant actually made 4 different Pisco cocktails that represented the Four… Read more →

Pisco Cocktails Class at 18 Reasons

At the 18 Reasons Pisco Cocktails class, 16 Pisco-loving students spent the evening making simple syrup, cracking eggs, crushing strawberries, squeezing limes, and cracking coffee beans to make 4 different cocktails and a special take-home infusion. But we also talked about the history of Pisco, its origins in the Ica Valley of Peru, its journey from Peru to San Francisco,… Read more →