Pisco Sour Day Celebration

Pisco Sours at La Mar

Pisco Sours at La Mar

Tonight I had the pleasure of joining Pisco Sour fans at La Mar in San Francisco to celebrate Pisco Sour Day. In Peru, it is celebrated the first Saturday in February and celebrations last all week.

The plan was to meet up with friends and then join the Pisco Sour bar crawl. At La Mar, I enjoyed chatting with the sommelier behind Campo de Encanto Pisco, the official Pisco of the celebrations in Peru. But I also talked to several people to learn more about their Pisco Sour experience.

The conversations went something like this: Hi, I am a food writer for Pisco Trail! (People always seem happy to talk to food writers). How did you find out about this event? Is this your first Pisco Sour? Where else have you enjoyed one?

As always, the answers were as diverse as the people I met. One couple had at least 3 Pisco Sours, each. Which, if you’ve had one, you would know is a quite a bit. Someone else said the foam reminded them of a Cappuccino. While another was intrigued by the bitters or the refreshing citrus flavor. I smiled when someone proclaimed Pisco was poised to make a resurgence here in SF.

After two Pisco Sours and a few bites of ceviche, I decided to call it a night, delighted that I could celebrate Pisco Sour day so far away from Peru. Maybe next year I will participate in the week long celebration in Lima, until then ¡Salud!