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My First Guest Post

Over the past few months, I have been eagerly networking and using social media to promote Pisco Trail. For example, at the IFBC in New Orleans, I was delighted to meet and talk to other food bloggers and learn more about their interests while sharing my stories about Peruvian cuisine. After the conference, I was very much inspired to start… Read more →

Peruvian Crema Volteada with Quinoa

Crema Volteada con Quinua (Caramel Custard)

Enjoyed all over the world, caramel custard has many delicious variations — from the crème caramel or flan topped with soft caramel, to the crème brûleè or crema catalana topped with hard caramel. But this Peruvian crema volteada, like all Peruvian desserts, has a special touch. And its unique ingredient is quinoa, or kinwa in Quechua, which originated in Peru… Read more →