My First Guest Post

Over the past few months, I have been eagerly networking and using social media to promote Pisco Trail. For example, at the IFBC in New Orleans, I was delighted to meet and talk to other food bloggers and learn more about their interests while sharing my stories about Peruvian cuisine. After the conference, I was very much inspired to start using Facebook and Twitter to share my posts with a wider audience.

I also recently joined the Bay Area Food Bloggers — a great group to stay up to date with the foodie scene, upcoming events, and to discuss more technical issues such as recipe markup, blogging platforms, or APIs. The first person I connected with in the group, as fate would have it, also has a Peruvian background and her wonderful musings, recipes, and photographs can be found at The Culinary Life.

In her food blog, Stephanie encourages all to live a sweet and savory existence every day. So when she contacted me a few weeks ago to write a guest post, I immediately said yes! For the post, we decided to celebrate the sweet life, and chose the creamy Peruvian caramel custard with quinoa. For me, it was a great opportunity to share the recipe, as well as the cultural significance and inspiration behind the dessert.

To read the post, visit

I guarantee that one look at her beautiful photograph of the creamy Peruvian caramel custard and you’ll want to reach into your web browser and take a bite. ¡Delicioso!